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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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the district attorney because they did not feel it was a crime worth following up on. i've encouraged by his comments that there have been some successful prosecutions. i would hope that we would really try to step that up. it is not just arresting people, but bringing them through the system. and did not want to take away from the graffiti issue. i did want to call to your attention montgomery and how will stations that have this ongoing dark feel to them. a of the new manager of ways in structures, what ever that is called out, really looks of priorities that include facilities, maintenance, and all of the issues in the tunnels cut those stations in particular are paid regularly and are bright in places where people walked away
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, not just feel that i have got to get out of here as quickly as possible. i think there are a lot of these maintenance issues that are challenges, not just with the vehicles, but in particular with the facilities. >> we are back at public comment. we have a fairly lengthy closed session coming up, so we will just go with a minute on these. >> opportunities for members of the public to address the board on matters that are not on today's calendar. there is a one-minute limit. >> as we waited this long to give us one minute?
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what a horrible individual you are to give us that. i want to let you know, i promise you at the last meeting, april 5, have i would come before you to do research regarding the drug's contracts. i heard today that we set out in appendix. the deadline was friday. they extended to may 13 because they don't have enough bidders. how are a lot of other problems with this. i found out the concerns of being ignored by the president of this board and by other members. your concerns ought to be addressed. there was a letter that went out in november of 2009 giving different reasons to you had different reasons to the bidders. you need to bid these contracts. [chime] why are the 13 garages before
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there were 14 grudges? there are a lot of questions that have to be answered and it is not going away. >> good afternoon. i will speak very fast because i don't have any time. what my first point is, nothing is ever done for the cab drivers. i have been coming to these meetings for 20 years and nothing is ever done. the second thing is, the only thing that i know that has been done for cabdrivers is a left turn on mission street which we really appreciate it. very toronto was the person the fourth that. following up on that, the people that make left turns on mission street are also limo drivers.
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they think they are taxing drivers because they act like taxi drivers. the police do nothing. the police came down for a couple of weeks. they disappeared in north beach. now they are back again in full force. >> [reading names] is he here? >> and this is rather important. two drivers had heart attacks this month alone and neither had insurance. the other guy had to be somewhat more creative.
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i have been talking with a woman who was on the steering committee to create a cab driver health care plan. they were also instrumental in that. as the insurance broker that specializes in employee health care plans, the plan was finalized and ready to implement. i like to arrange for her to the next meeting. if we could make it an agenda item. >> he is in charge of the
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agenda. >> she could not wait long enough. she is a taxi passenger. >> to the old members, i am still waiting for my error appreciation award. all i have gotten in march was three tickets. they have irrefutable facts, and unprecedented in scale where detail. my intention was to improve taxi service i want to talk to you,
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specifically, because that is your job. if there is any problem, that is the problem. >> [reading names] >> good afternoon, directors. i am requesting you that we will not accept any town hall meeting. they need to bring somebody else for these meetings. we don't want the back door games going on. secondly, there were roughly 1500 people out here. we draw a lot of people and enough is enough.
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we are quite conscious, too. but we will go for a strike will stop all of the cab's around here. they have done nothing for the drivers. you have been painful. you're going for the gas company. please leave this job now. >> why don't we take a vote to go into closed session? >> of wanted to discuss the intrusion of technology that is in the cabin. i have six wireless and it's in
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my cabin. three of these gadgets can be going at once. the issue of the electromagnetic frequencies. 10 hours a day at close range is chronic exposure. they focus back on to the driver. on april 0 of them, they voted not to mandate any more of this electronic equipment until a study is done to determine the health effects on the drivers. is there going to be a steady? where is it going to come from? i want to address the security cameras in the cabs. it is coming to my attention that they are being used to spy on drivers. you need to set down some guidelines. these cameras are supposed to be there for our protection, not to invade our privacy.
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>> and these are the last two people. >> i wanted to say that in 2013, there will be america's cup. i am hoping the will consider the single operator medallion as part of the taxi solution. i don't think it should be relied solely upon, but it should be part of the picture. if you could allow a few more tax drivers the opportunity to represent and the ambassadors to the city when we have a lot of these visitors come here. a hope he will consider that. and on the market street, the right turn only is a great idea. it is one of the said that it has improved the flow of traffic for buses, taxis, and pedestrians. >> the last person to turn in a
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speaker card. >> i think the town hall meetings are a good thing and we should have more of them. i think chris is a good mediator and liaison between the driver's head you guys. i would also like to complain again about these cameras a little more. these were supposed to be for our protection and they're being used to monitor the us. the companies are spying. they're listening to our conversations and we get in trouble for turning them off or covering them. one company even has a sign that says your card will be revoked if you disable the camera. if you're not already aware of its, it says we have the right to disable these cameras if we are leasing the vehicle or we own it. all the cabdriver's i know of
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our leasing of vehicles and that gives them the right to disable it. we shouldn't have to want to disable it, they're being abused and there is no oversight. >director nolan: next item. >> discussion whether or not to conduct closed session. director nolan: we have a speaker. >> this will probably take two minutes. the closed session requirements are very narrow and specific. i was concerned three a year past and it is that your sessions in regard to labor negotiations include your outside consultant on public relations. and i believe that individual or those individuals are free to be present in the closed session.
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the closed session language is very specific to instruct the designated labor negotiator with regard to matters within the scope of representation. it does not allow you to meet to discuss how to spend the matter. i don't want to have to file a complaint with the task force, but we may have to do that. living on with regard to another close session matter where you were discussing the appointment of a successor -- [chime] >director nolan: what would your concern be about that? i am trying to give you a little bit more time. >> i am a little slow.
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with regard your discussions about appointing a successor executive director, again, it is very narrow. it is appropriate to meet in closed session to appoint a director. i don't believe it is appropriate to discuss succession planning for an appointment in the event of a vacancy. i don't believe that is something you can properly do. had to conclude on that point, in the event that he vacates his office in some manner or another, i wanted to offer my support for the appointment to the position. director nolan: is there a second? all in favor? we are in closed session. >> it will take us a moment to put the room in closed ses
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